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Programs for Schools

Programs for schools are customized and designed keeping in focus school requirement and developmentally appropriate milestones of participants. Activities are child centric and supported with guidance from experienced facilitators who tie the necessary learning's together. These programs focus on outdoor and life skills education as well as address academic content that are subject specific. Programs focus on holistic growth and development in children – physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Programs for Colleges

College programs include self-awareness, leadership skills, team work, wilderness skillsand environmental studies. These programs are designed keeping in mind the youth who are readying themselves for challenging environments in the near future, where the need for them is to take charge, lead by example, make critical decisions not just as employees and professionals but also as citizens of the world.
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Programs for NGOs & Organisations

Courses are specifically designed for individuals who are interested in understanding 'Experiential Education' and how its principles can be applied to various domains be it teaching, facilitation, an in-classroom or an outdoor learning environment or any work oriented setting. It provides participants with an opportunity to experience different ways of doing things, build on their perseverance & stamina, develop leadership qualities, adapt to working alongside and with others in collaboration, create capacity for innovation and build a positive outlook.

Workshops & Trainings

These course are designed keeping in mind the many outdoor educators or any and individuals, who are looking to make moments with the learner groups more exciting, more empowering. The course structure creates opportunities for participants to learn and apply the principles of experiential learning as they practice to develop their skills. We offer separate workshops on risk assessment & management processes, safety and first aid.
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Explorers bagged SOE Award

We are humbled and happy to announce that School of Educators (SOE) Global Education Awards body and All India Conference of Intellectuals (AICOI) have awarded Explorers Programs as the 'Top Product of the Year' for 2012. There were more than 2500 nominations across 30 countries. Explorers has been recognized for its outstanding contribution towards Life Skills and Experiential programs in the Indian Education sector.


Change in Name

We wish to inform our patrons and clients that Explorers School for Outdoor Education is now Explorers Outdoor Ed. Everything else about the organization remains the same, except the change in name.

Thank you
Management - Explorers Outdoor Ed.