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Explorers Outdoor Ed

Explorers Outdoor Ed. is a social enterprise with a mission to provide leadership in the expansion of experiential life skills, environmental and adventure education as well as wilderness skills..

Explorers programs designs offer the following domains:


Grade Specific Programs
Design Specific Programs
  • Preschool and Primary – Xplore Center
  • Middle & Senior School- Challenge Course (ropes course)
  • Grade 4 to Grade 6 – Little Explorers
  • Grade 5 to Grade 8 – Building a Caring Classroom Community
  • Grade 7 to Grade 12 - Leaders In Training
  • Grade 8 to 12 - IB CAS Support Program
  • Grade 4 to Grade 12 - In-School Programs designed based on age appropriate Life Skills the school management wants to focus on for a desired age group.
  • Urban Programs – In-city Programs
  • In-School Programs
  • Costal Based Programs
  • Project Based Programs
  • Adventure & Expedition Based Programs
  • Environment & Ecology Based Programs
  • Heritage & Culture
  • Community Based Programs
  • Service Learning Programs
school   school
  • Induction Program
  • Skill Building Programs
  • Life Skills Program
  • CSR Support to Corporates
  • Train the Trainer Workshop
  • Teacher Training Programs
  •  Experiential Workshop
  • Facilitation Training
  • Play & Gaming
  • First Aid Training
  • Risk Management Training

Our programs invite participants from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds to engage in hands on learning that provides them with opportunities to learn from their own experiences. It equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills and helps them make connections as they transfer these learning's in meaningful ways to different situations in everyday life. These courses are specifically designed for people interested in understanding Experiential Education and how they can use these principals in their own domains, be it teaching, facilitation, outdoors or any other work environment. It provides participants with an opportunity to experience different ways of doing things, build on their perseverance & stamina, develop leadership qualities, adapt to working alongside and with others in a collaborative manner, create capacity for innovation and build a positive outlook.

Explorers Outdoor Ed. is founded and led by the alumni of National Outdoor Leadership School (USA). The seed team members bring together over 80 years of combined experience from diverse background to create meaningful learning for participants. Their competencies lie in the domains of experiential education, psychology, adventure programming, life skills, wilderness skills, expedition and service based learning, risk management and environmental education.

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Success Stories

" The students revealed in the ‘positive learning environment’ created by the Explorers team, where each student felt emotionally and physically safe to share their emotions, thoughts, ideas and dreams with others in their group. The program impact delivered the necessary outcomes intended, through play, gaming and creative language and art expressions addressing different learners on the program."

- Anubhav Das (Secretary, Annada Sankar Das Memorial Foundation)