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Why Life Skills?

The "What"
Think of a radical change made to the Indian education system over the last 6 decades since independence. We have changed the curricula; moved away from the simple 'tat-patti' school rooms from our grand parents' childhood years, to the sophisticated computer labs of today; from Hindi medium schools to English medium schools and more. May be the list can go on… but can you think of a radical change in our approach towards teaching methodologies ?


Outdoor Leaders' Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership

This study explored the concept of outdoor leadership from the perspectives of emotional intelligence and transformational leadership. Levels of emotional intelligence, multifactor leadership, outdoor experience, and social desirability were examined using 46 individuals designated as outdoor leaders. The results revealed a number of unique characteristics of outdoor leaders' emotional intelligence and leadership, including contributions of past outdoor experience to the development of emotional intelligence as well as transformational leadership. In addition, there was a moderate and positive relationship between emotional intelligence and transformational leadership.