Project Green

Experiment Zone

The Discovery Zone provides for a space that allows preschoolers with the freedom to experiment and make little discoveries on their own. It encourages and helps them to develop skills across different developmental domains and allows for great cross curriculum interventions.

Through exploration and discovery children experience activities that enhance:

  • Cognitive Skills: which include early science skills, language development, logic & problem solving skills
  • Motor Skills: which include both gross and fine motor development
  • Social Skills: which include interaction, sharing and getting along with others
  • Creativity: which includes artistic representations of sensory experiences

Elements in the Explore Zone offer a range of activities that provide children with multiple opportunities to engage in creativity and art, exploration through the senses, scientific experimentation, observing & mapping weather patterns, making predictions and verifying them, applying logical and problem solving skills to discover how things work.




Success Stories

"It was great being part of the program and meeting all of you. For me the journey in, has certainly become better and I see it getting more and more fantabulous :)."

- Daya Lakshmi