Project Green

Junior Play Zone

The Junior Play Zone provides opportunities for young children to engage in physical activity that promotes good health and skill building and learning how to coordinate their body movements to develop motor skills. This zone focuses on both gross and fine motor coordination and control.

Motor skills is categorized into three broad categories keeping in mind the progressive development of preschoolers. These include:

  • Locomotor Skills: Locomotor skills is the first category of large motor development in young children.
  • Stability Skills: Stability skills is the second category of large motor development that involve body balance and weight transfer.
  • Manipulative Skills: Manipulation skills are the third and final category of large motor development. It involves the use of small muscle groups of the hands and fingers to manipulate objects.

While children engage in play in the outdoors, they are doing more than just strengthening their muscles and improving coordination of their motor skills. Each element design provides children with opportunities to learn new concepts, practice skills and learn to get along with others.



Success Stories

"It was great being part of the program and meeting all of you. For me the journey in, has certainly become better and I see it getting more and more fantabulous :)."

- Daya Lakshmi