Programs for colleges

Programs for colleges

1  Induction Program

2  Skill Building Programs

Induction Program

Explorers 'Induction Program' provides students with the perfect platform to get to know their peers as they engage in tasks of an individual nature and work with other as part of a team. This helps them to gain in confidence while building a certain comfort level as they transition from school to college or from under-graduation to post-graduation courses. This interactive program proves to be more powerful and in experience and impact if conducted in a wilderness campsite setting. In-campus induction programs are also offered as a choice.

Skill Building Programs 

Explorers 'Skill Building Programs' include progressive, on-going modules that support and guide students to develop specific skills over a period of time. These range from effective communication, to functioning as part of a team, to goal setting, self and peer leadership and more. The on-going modules allow for sufficient time to practice the skills learnt into everyday life.




Success Stories

" The 'Leaders in Training' program conducted by Explorers in Mount Carmel College (autonomous) was much appreciated by the students. The students experienced learning through fun out door activities. The students picked up useful lessons in leadership team work and time management."

- Mount Carmel College