Programs for schools

Programs for schools

1  Life Skills Programs
  • Outbound Programs
  • In-Campus Programs
  • Urban Programs
2  Project Based Approach
  • Heritage & Cultural Educational Programs
  • Coastal Based Programs
  • Service Learning Programs
3  Expedition Based Approach
  • Travel Based Programs
  • Himalayan Programs
4  Environmental Educations
  • Environment & Ecology Based Programs
  • Project Green – Education for Sustainability
5  Adventure Education

6  Leaders in Training Xchange Program (LITx)

Life Skills Programs

Our school programs are designed and customized according to specific needs and developmentally appropriate milestones for the adolescent age groups in schools. Programs adopt the experiential learning cycle to facilitate the development of important life skills that are relevant in real life & address holistic development - physical, social, emotional & intellectual. Explorers SIV model forms the core foundation of all life skills development curriculum (Self-Awareness, Influence and Values). We cater to in-school, urban as well as outbound programs.

Project Based Approach Programs

Explorers uses the project-based learning approach as an instructional method that provides students with multifaceted tasks based on challenging questions. It encourages students to utilize their problem solving, decision making and investigative skills. The learning process is experiential in nature wherein students learn from doing and through facilitation and reflective sharing, are able to transfer these learning's to their real world. Independent learning that promotes higher order thinking skills as well as collaboration and working together with others and the larger community form the key elements of all program designs. Our project based programs offer a diverse range to choose from. These include links to academic curriculum, environmental education, service learning opportunities and interaction with varied communities.

Expedition Based Approach

Explorers 'Expedition Based Programs' is student initiated and directed with support from experienced leaders who facilitate the learning process. It includes a process of planning and preparation, to managing and organizing resources and implementation of the expedition journey on ground. Students 'learn by doing'. They develop and practice the necessary concepts and skills through real time experiences along the way. We offer 'Travel' as well as 'Himalayan Programs' that focus on leadership skills.

Environmental Education

Explorers 'Environmental Education' programs aim towards educating students about their immediate environment and impart knowledge about eco-systems, their inter-dependence and their need for survival. Programs offered include long term engagement processes in-school and the city as well as short term awareness programs that are outbound. These programs are designed to encourage students to appreciate the natural environment, learn through observation and scientific inquiry, become aware of environmental problems, thus sensitizing and involving them in the efforts of environmental preservation and responsible citizenship.

Adventure Education

Explorers 'Adventure Education' programs uses human-powered outdoor pursuits to help students learn about interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. We offer a diverse range of adventure education programs to choose from. Activities designed provide for challenge and excitement by deliberately exposing students to elements of high risk. Risks could be physical, emotional or mental in nature. Program designs use high adventure activities such as rock craft, ropes course, rafting, kayaking, ascending alpine summits, mountaineering, backpacking, expedition leadership, cooperative games, trust building activities, problem solving creatively as an individual and with a group as an educational pursuit. Qualified leaders help students tie their learning's together through debriefing and processing experiences. This provides them with time to reflect on their experience, behaviors and performances to assess the outcomes and lessons learned.

Leaders in Training XchangeProgram- LITx

The LITx program is a unique collaborative leadership program that provides an interactive platform bringing together students from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds with an aim to Connect, Collaborate and Change the smallest thing in their environment in the biggest possible way.  This program is student directed, with support from qualified domain experts and facilitators.

The theme of the LITx program changes each year. LITx 2013 focuses on……

  • Leadership and Environmental Stewardship
  • Leadership and High Altitude Adventure


Success Stories

"It was great being part of the program and meeting all of you. For me the journey in, has certainly become better and I see it getting more and more fantabulous :)."

- Daya Lakshmi