Project Green

Project Green

Explorers Project Green 'Education for Sustainability' integrates a wide range of activities to support and help schools to become more sustainable. Individual schools have the option to choose and focus on certain areas that hold relevance and are of interest to their school community.

The project green 'education for sustainability' comprises of "environmental sustainable practises" for schools and "environmental education" curriculum for children. It provides for score cards (before & after) to measure the impacts of the intervention in schools. The project will be measurable on environment, finance, education and social outcomes. The project will build sustainable practices and environmental education curriculum on Energy, Waste Management, Water Conversation and Land Care.

Goal & Benefits

  • Empower school as a role-model for sustainability through its action
  • Schools bigin to use natural resources such as energy, water, waste and biodiversity in more sustainable ways
  • Building ownership with youth to lead sustainability initiatives and decision making
  • Reduce consumption of resources and improved resource management of the
  • Develop solutions for real-life problems & outcomes in partnership with teachers
    and students


Project Green    Project Green