Project Green

Reason for Being

Explorers started as an idea to create a transformative environment for individuals to explore and experience the natural outdoors, connect with others and explore their own potential!

Explorers is a research driven organization that aims to complement classroom education with education focused on building Life Skills. The seed team members bring together over 80 years of combined experience from diverse background. Founded and led by alumni of National Outdoor Leadership School, USA. Our mission is to be the leading source in the expansion of experiential and outdoor education, life skills, & environmental education in India.

Explorers education model is based on the 'Diamond model of the philosophy of experiential education' designed by Christian Itin. A key dictum of the model is that 'the experience itself is the core learning'. The Explorers model recognizes this fact and uses the 'outdoors' as a medium to create powerful learning experiences for its participants in a simulated environment.

At Explorers we lay emphasis on creating the right environment and identifying the relevant learning outcomes to maximize the learning and the transferability of the learning to real life. Our commitment therefore starts before the actual design of a program; we begin with talking to the teachers and participants taking their input to create a customized program to meet group specific needs. The long-term multi module programs are also followed by a rigorous post program effectiveness assessment to refine the methods employed in subsequent interactions.

Explorers work with schools, colleges, universities, agencies, organisations and NGO's. Our program include participants from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. It equips them with necessary knowledge and skills that make learning more meaningful and applicable as they transfer and apply their personal learning's to different situations and daily living. As they learn through hands on exploration, they have the opportunity to learn from their own experiences.