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SOE Global Education Awards for 'Top Product of the Year' 2012


We are humbled and happy to announce that School of Educators (SOE) Global Education Awards body and All India Conference of Intellectuals (AICOI) have awarded Explorers School Programs as the 'Top Product of the Year' for 2012. There were more than 2500 nominations across 30 countries.

Explorers School has been recognized for its outstanding contribution towards Life Skills and Experiential programs in the Indian Education sector.

Explorers School is known for its transformative Outdoor Programs using adventure, environment, culture, community services and wildlife as a medium with an objective to create self-reliant individuals, confident leaders, socially responsible citizens.

Explorers School programs are innovative, hands on and research driven. They complement classroom education and work across social, economic and cultural borders. The programs have a powerful underlying design to facilitate learning of life skills that can be transferred to real life.

Chief guests at the award ceremony :

  • Hon'ble Shri H.S Brahma (Chief Election Commissioner of India)
  • H.E. Dr. Bhishma Narayan Singh (Former Governor & Union Minister)
  • Mr. K. Srikant (Former captain of the Indian cricket team & chairman of the selection committee)
  • Mr. Vineet Joshi (Chairman CBSE)
  • Mr. P.L Gautam (Director ICAR)
  • Mr. Sultan Singh (Sr. Scientist)
  • Dr B. Sarkar (Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto)The Hospital for Sick Children, Canada)

School Of Educators (SOE) is an organization committed to raising benchmarks in quality education. SOE recognizes, publicizes and awards outstanding contributions in the school/higher education sector in Indian managed schools and organizations. SOE awards are being supported by the AICOI (All India Conference Of Intellectuals), felicitating intellectuals for more than 3 decades.

Instituted 31 years ago by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, AICOI is a body of intellectuals who are involved in promoting harmony in the community. Over the years, the delegates of AICOI have represented India as mini-ambassadors to foreign nations undertaking initiatives to promote the cause of peace and initiating social programs. The committee comprises esteemed individuals who have made significant contributions in their respective professions and have held high offices in the country.

These awards are an effort to ensure that quality in education is brought into focus. This will motivate educators and provide a platform to showcase leadership in the education sector.
Every year, the SOE/AIOCI identifies and recognizes the achievements of some of the finest colleges and institutes, and companies from the private sector and confers them with education excellence awards based on comprehensive research considering various criteria that include but are not limited to infrastructure, faculty, strength of students, placements, annual growth, students and alumni feedback and feedback from the industry.


Working with Govt. School teachers and students from suburban India presents its own set of challenges… My appreciation to the Explorers team for the high quality of delivery, the focus on learning objectives and the overall one on one connect provided to each participant!

The program impact on teachers helped them comprehend ways of dealing with students relating to behavioral and classroom management issues. There was awareness and a shift in mind sets relating to the possibilities of being ‘open and approachable’ rather than instilling ‘discipline by being authoritarian’. This I see as a positive shift in 'educational practices' for our teachers in suburban and rural schools.

The students revealed in the ‘positive learning environment’ created by the Explorers team, where each student felt emotionally and physically safe to share their emotions, thoughts, ideas and dreams with others in their group. The program impact delivered the necessary outcomes intended, through play, gaming and creative language and art expressions addressing different learners on the program.

What was heartening to experience was a reflective circle time session where a thought process triggered off the meaning of the term ‘future dreams’ and what it meant to each one of them with regard to it being a career option. The result of this circle time concluded with the understanding that they need not choose a career or life based on only societal / parental expectations, but should explore options that interests them….things they ‘like and enjoy’. It was exhilarating to see the students dream and share their life expectations without pressures of any sort. 

Overall the program had a fun learning environment, a diverse range of different activities, powerful reflective sessions and debriefs that caught my attention. I would highly recommend your programs.

- Anubhav Das (Secretary, Annada Sankar Das Memorial Foundation)

I had no clue such a world existed.... the world of experiential education. For me doing this course actually opened a window to a world unknown to me for all these years……I am glad I did the course because it gave me a picture of a new world as well as expanded my perception on the opportunities that have opened up before me.

The Program has broadened my  understanding of experiential education. I have a school camp coming up and I am looking forward to it and will be putting in everything new that I've learnt now.

- Latha Venkataraman (CEEP Student – 2011, NOV)

I am very happy to share that of the ‘ripple effect’ in my life was the workshop we attended. I don't know if it changed anything for me but it has definitely widened the scope of my lens. 

- Vinaya Potole

Thanks to the Explorers School for conducting this course and to Vishwas Sir for being such a wonderful trainer!

I came with no experience or knowledge on facilitation / experientialtraining and really enjoyed each day of the course learning and doing new realms.

Our whole batch was full of interactive and helpful people and I would really like to be in touch with all you guys!

I conducted my 1st facilitation session yesterday with the help of Rohit for a bunch of my friends / family members. It was an 'awesome'1st time with feedback from them for improvement.

Do keep me updated on Module 2 training. I am definitely interested.  

- Raksha Shetty

It was great being part of the program and meeting all of you. For me the journey in has certainly become better and I see it getting more and more fantabulous :) 

- Daya Lakshmi

….insightful and motivating….
…. I was really happy because there are very few workshops where the tangibles are set, taking the participants into consideration…. You guys have done a great job! Thank you! 

- Pallavi Gandhari

I can't believe that it's been a year that we attended CEEP together with a bunch full of zest. The learning's have helped me to change certain perceptions to a certain level... No more conditioning (like what I have been raised...was never allowed to think or understand the process, just accept the result... "this is it" or "this has to be this way"...).

Experiential learning and the simulations does help one to think rationally and accept the results without being biased....though there were some moments where we didn’t get any result (mix n match placards). 

- Anupama Vijay


Our alumni over the two years have increased many folds. They come from the below list of schools, colleges, NGO and other organizations we have worked with.
  • Welham Girls School, Dehradun
  • Punjab Public School, Nabha Punjab
  • Legacy School, Bangalore
  • The Orchid School, Pune
  • Vivek High School, Chandigarh
  • Taurian World School, Ranchi
  • KLE School, Bangalore
  • Mahatma Gandhi International School, Pondicherry
  • Vrindavan School, Kalimpong
  • Sesame Street, Delhi
  • Makkla Jagrati, Bangalore
  • Dream A Dream, Bangalore
  • Department of Education, Govt. Of Himachal Pradesh & Annada Foudnation, Himachal Pradesh
  • Taj Safaris, Delhi, India and & Beyond, South Africa
  • Symbiosis Institute for International Business, Pune
  • Management Institute for Leadership Excellence, Pune
  • Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
  • ABV IIITM, Gwalior