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Why Life Skills?

The "What"
Think of a radical change made to the Indian education system in the almost 7 decades since independence. We have changed the curricula; moved away from the simple 'tat-patti' school rooms from our grand parents' childhood years to the sophisticated computer labs of today; from Hindi medium schools to English medium schools and more. Maybe the list can go on… but can you think of a radical change in our approach towards teaching methodologies?

The "So What?" 
While our approach to teaching our children has remained predominantly instruction based, the environment both inside and outside the classroom, has metamorphosed into a complex social structure. The pressures or perhaps distractions faced by school going children today, are so much more different than the pressures that we faced as recent as a decade ago. The phenomenon of globalization, ushered in by the liberalization of trade policies in the 1990s, has opened up new vistas to the Indian working class. On one side it has helped uplift the social and financial status of families in India. At the other end it has also created new challenges that today's educators must deal with. Today many Indian families are nuclear thus having limited support system at home; kids today have numerous resources available to them - satellite TV, smart cell-phones, social networking systems such as Facebook and Twitter… not all of these resources are harnessed constructively; more often than not children living in urban areas have both parents working which results in limited supervision and directional guidance at home. Over time, all these factors have contributed to inculcate a sense of apathy and lassitude – a "make do" attitude which the educators must combat. Not only are the educators faced with a different psyche in their classrooms, they must also struggle against the ever increasing classroom sizes and the stress related to work-life balance.

The "Now What?" 
The changes that have seeped into the daily humdrum of life call for a change in our approach to education.  There is a need to breathe new energy and enthusiasm into our curriculum. At Explorers School, our aim simply put is to help children divest themselves of the "make-do" attitude and to breed into them a "can-do" attitude.