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Workshops & Trainings

Explorers offers workshops and training courses in the following :

  • Experiential Education Workshop
  • Facilitation Training
  • Play & Gaming
  • First Aid Training
  • Risk Management Training

These course are designed keeping in mind the many outdoor educators or any and individuals, who are looking to make moments with the learner groups more exciting, more empowering. The course structure creates opportunities for participants to learn and apply the principles of experiential learning as they practice to develop their skills. We offer separate workshops on risk assessment & management processes, safety and first aid.

Some of the key outcomes are :

  • A better understanding of creating safe environments while facilitating groups experiences.
  • Developing skills to create appropriate challenge levels for learners in the outdoors.
  • Develop skills to apply the principles of ‘Experiential Learning’  education in the context of group work.
  • Learning the art of facilitation
  • Learning & applying the principals and objectives of co-operative gaming while processing experiences in small groups.
  • Skills to assess one's own ability and a personal philosophy about Experiential Education, and how to apply it in various contexts.
  • Assessing risks, mitigation plan, preventive plan, in the context of outdoor education, based on age group, location, program design etc.




Success Stories

" I am very happy to share that of the ‘ripple effect’ in my life was the workshop we attended. I don't know if it changed anything for me but it has definitely widened the scope of my lens. "

- Vinaya Potole