Project Green

Xplore Center

The Xplore Center caters to element designs for all age groups beginning preschool to grade 12 that promotes a fun learning environment and meets developmentally appropriate needs of students. The Xplore Center offers schools the following:

1. Xplore Center for Preschool & Primary School

2. Xplore Center – Challenge Course for Middle and Senior School

Xplore Center for Preschool & Primary School

This outdoor learning environment offers Preschool and Primary school children with multiple element designs that encourages exploration and discovery through hands on doing right IN YOUR SCHOOL. Element designs offer multiple links to academic content and learning objectives intended for this age group that are developmentally appropriate. Explorers offer more than 30 activities to choose from and design the layout keeping in mind safety and school requirements.

Key Domains:
Key Learning Outcomes:
  • Locomotor Skills
  • Stability and Balance Skills
  • Manipulative Skills
  • Investigative Skills
  • Sensorial Development
  • Land Care and Responsibility
  • Aesthetic Development
  • Mathematical and Scientific Skills

Xplore Center – Challenge Course

Explorers ‘Challenge Course’ offers an outdoor learning and experiential activity centre for institutes interested in having their own Ropes Course at their campus.

Our challenge course designs offer activities that foster a fun, safe and positive environment in which individuals and groups may work together to develop confidence, trust, support, communication, cooperation and leadership skills. Explorers have over 30 elements for the Challenge Course to choose from. 

What is a Ropes Course?

A Challenge or Ropes Course is a progression of low team-based elements and high challenge elements built in the trees or on poles that are anchored into the ground, using cables, ladders and ropes. This sequence of ‘elements’ uses physical, emotional and mental challenges that employ both human and rope safety systems to encourage team development, support, trust, leadership and personal goal-setting.